The Organisers

With the aim to learn from these experiences and develop more focused targets for future investments in R&D and give continuation to the investments done in the next years, six Consortia of EU-funded projects, namely the Algae Cluster (InteSusAl, All-gas and BIOFAT), MIRACLES, FUEL4ME and SPLASH, have joined forces to organise the International Conference ‘‘European Roadmap for an Algae-Based Industry’’.

Conference Chairs

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Projects involved in the organisation:

Algae Cluster

Aligned with the EU's ambitious renewable energy targets, the European Commission (EC) is participating in the funding of three large-scale industry-led projects (InteSusAl, BIOFAT and All-Gas) aimed at demonstrating the production of algal biofuels along the whole value chain, covering strain selection to algae cultivation and production, oil extraction, biofuel production and biofuel testing in transportation applications. Together, the three projects form the Algae Cluster. Further information is available on 


MIRACLES is an industry-driven R&D and innovation project aimed at developing integrated, multiple-product biorefinery technologies for the production of specialties from microalgae for application in food, aquaculture and non-food products. The focus is on the development and integration of mild cell disruption and environmentally-friendly extraction and fractionation processes, including functionality testing and product formulation based on established industrial algal strains. The project will also develop new technologies for optimizing and monitoring valuable products in the algal biomass during cultivation. Further information is available on


The overall aim of FUEL4ME is to establish a sustainable chain for continuous biofuel production using microalgae as a production platform, thereby making 2nd generation biofuels competitive alternatives to fossil fuels. Further information is available on


Led by Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, the four-year project has the goal of developing a new biobased industrial platform that uses microalgae as a raw material for the sustainable production and recovery of hydrocarbons and (exo) polysaccharides from algae, as well as their further conversion into renewable polymers. SPLASH will deliver the knowledge, tools and technology needed to establish a new industrial sector, i.e. industrial biotechnology based on algae and/or algal genes to produce polyesters and polyolefins. Further information is available on